Turbo Tech GmbH - CAD/CAE Konstruktionen
Ingeborgstr. 56
D-81825 München

Telephon: +49 [0] 89 - 43 74 83 90
Telefax: +49 [0] 89 - 43 74 83 92

Managing director: Ilona Lenartowicz
Tax-ID: DE-23 99 42 34 3
Companies register: 16 52 52

Exclusion of liability

1. Contents of the online offer
The author does not take any responsibility for the topicality, correctness and completeness as well as the quality of the prepared information. By default, any warranty claims towards the author, regarding any material or conceptual damage resulting from usage or non-usage of the offered information, or using erroneous or incomplete information, are excluded, if there is not proven fault of the author's caused on purpose or due to significant negligence. All the offers are not obligatory and are not legally binding. The author explicitly reserves the right to change, amend or erase or partially or completely hold publication of part of a page or the whole offer without any separate period of notice.

2. Hyperlinks and links
With direct or indirect hyperlinks to other internet pages ("hyperlinks"), which are outside the author's scope of responsibility, a responsibility obligation would be in force only in the case, if the author has knowledge on the contents and is technically capable of preventing using the contents in a way contrary to the law. The author declares explicitly that no illegal contents were identified in the websites, to which the links lead, at the moment of posting the links. The author has no impact of the current or future shape, on the contents or the copyright of the pages, to which the link/hyperlinks lead. This is why he clearly distances himself from any contents of all the pages, to which the link/hyperlinks lead, after they are posted on the website. This declaration is in force for all links and hyperlinks posted within the frames of own Internet offer, as well as for entries in the guestbook created by the author, message boards, link catalogues, mailing lists as well as for all other forms of databases, to which recording access is possible. The website administrator of the webpage, to which the hyperlink leads, is responsible for any illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents, and especially for damages resulting from using or not using information offered in this way - not the person who directs to this publication through the link.

3. Copyrights and the right to use restricted trademarks
The author, in all publications, strives for abiding by copyrights of the used images, graphics, audio documents, video sequences as well as tests, to use images, graphics, audio documents, video sequences as well as tests created by himself, as well as to use graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts not covered by any licenses. Any trademarks listed within the Internet offer and protected by third persons are subject to the regulations, without any limitations, of current law governing the usage of trademarks and the property law of all the listed owners. Even the same names are not to be construed as the fact that the trademark is not protected by third persons' rights. Copyrights for the published objects created by the same author lie exclusively in the competence of the website's author. Without an explicit consent of the author it is forbidden to copy or use those graphics, audio documents, video sequences as well as tests in other electronic or printed publications.

4. Data protection
If there is a possibility of inputting personal or official data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) within the frames of the Internet offer, user's resignation from this data is done on a clearly voluntary basis. If it is technically possible, it is allowed to use and pay for all the offered services without providing this data, or by providing anonymous data or pseudonyms. It is forbidden for third persons to use contact data published within the frames of characteristics or comparable informing, such as postal addresses, phone or fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses, in order to send information not unequivocally required. In the case of violation of this prohibition, legal steps towards the so-called spammers may be taken.

5. Legal effectiveness of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion from liability is treated as a part of an Internet offer, from which one is directed to this page. Despite the fact that parts or particular wordings do not correspond to current legal state or do not correspond to it fully, the remaining parts of the document remain unchanged in its contents and validity.

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